Covid-19 Assistance

To apply for assistance, click on the image at the bottom of the page.

It is surreal to me (Christy) that I am writing this right now.  In the last few short weeks our world has been turned upside down and we are having to learn how to live a new normal.  Social distancing, isolation and frequent sanitizing have become routine.  Learning how to school 3 children at home and still get work done have been quite the interesting challenge!

If you or your family member has cystic fibrosis, please know you are in our thoughts and prayers right now.  This is an especially scary time for CF families, as COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that could cause severe symptoms for people with CF.  We are doing our part to follow the recommended guidelines for social distancing and are staying home right now!  We highly encourage everyone to do the same, and thank you for your efforts in trying to "flatten the curve" with us.  

This does not mean we are stopping our mission to support the CF community.  They need us NOW MORE THAN EVER.  There are thousands of families affected by cystic fibrosis, and their worlds have come to a halt right now as many parents are forced to take time off work to isolate.  There is also a large concern for families to be able to afford household groceries and necessities during an uncertain time.  Many families are not able to get out to go to the store or pick up food simply because of the fear of cross contamination.  COVID-19 is hitting the cystic fibrosis community hard, and we want to do whatever we can to help.

I am just going to say it: WE NEED YOUR HELP.  We are working hard to provide local CF families with financial assistance for loss of income, gift cards for groceries and household items, and even help with delivering items to those that do not feel comfortable going out in public right now.  These fears and struggles are real, and as CF mother myself I completely relate.  

Here is how you can help: 
1.  Make a donation, no amount is too small (click below).  You can also donate by texting COVID19CF TO 44-321.

2.  Shop online in our Shop.  All the proceeds from our products will go directly to helping CF families affected by COVID-19.  We will be rolling out new products in the coming days as well (sweatshirts anyone?!)

3.  Share our mission on Facebook, Instagram or via email.  We need all the support we can get!  Be sure to tag us so we can see your posts: @vivianleefoundation #protectmyperson #supportcysticfibrosis



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