Family Assistance Program

We understand that cystic fibrosis means a LOT of time at the doctor. With clinic visits 4 times a year, sometimes more, it can take quite the toll on your family. And we understand that it is crucial that you as a parent be alert and focused so that you can communicate with your child’s medical team. As a mother of three children, VLF President Christy Rimrodt quickly learned that taking all three children to clinic visits for 2-4 hours at a time was highly stressful and unproductive. It was also hard for both parents to make it to clinic visits, which made for even harder communication at home between both caregivers.

VLF’s Family Assistance Program was designed to help families find care for their other children, allowing for parents to attend clinic visits with their CF child. It also allows for both parents to attend doctor visits. Here is an outline on what this program involves:

Families with verified CF status will receive up to 4 payments per year. The Vivian Lee Foundation will cover up to 8 hours per clinic visit of childcare expenses for families with a verified clinic visit at OHSU Doernbecher Hospital OR a Kaiser Oregon clinic.

In order to be qualified for this program, all applicants must submit an application before their scheduled clinic visit day. Once you are notified of acceptance into the program, you will need to submit paperwork within 30 days of your clinic visit with child caregiver signature. This will confirm your child’s appointment time and duration, and the hours for which you received childcare for your non CF children. A check will be mailed to you after confirmation has been determined by Vivian Lee Foundation.

Each family can receive assistance 4 times per year max. A maximum payment of $120 per day will be issued per family. Amount issued is determined by the Vivian Lee Foundation and is based on duration of clinic visit, distance from hospital, and other variables.

You may also apply for this program for extended hospital stays for costs of childcare, loss of income (if parent has to take time off work to be with child in hospital), and travel expenses to/from hospital. Financial assistance will be granted to approved applicants, amount which will be determined by the Vivian Lee Foundation. This assistance is to aid in caring for all family members while the cystic fibrosis patient and caregivers have an extended hospital stay.

This program covers the following types of expenses:

  • Childcare expenses for siblings of CF patients during clinic visits

  • Loss of income for parent take clinic day off of work and attend appointment with child

  • Travel expenses to/from clinic visits

  • Childcare expenses for siblings of CF patients during extended hospital stay

  • Loss of income for parent during extended hospital stay

  • Travel expenses to/from hospital during extended stay