Our Board

Kirk & Christy Rimrodt, Founders

Kirk and Christy are the parents of Vivian Lee, three years old and sister to Willa and twin Graeme.  Vivian was diagnosed with CF at just 9 days old, and it has been the passion and drive of both Kirk and Christy to do everything in their power to fight for their daughter.  Kirk is an IT Analyst for Eaton Corporation and has a passion for tinkering on his motorcycles and teaching his children how to garden, build things and read in his spare time.  Christy has been a family and children’s photographer at Studio Christy since 2005. The birth of Vivian and her CF diagnosis has given Christy a drive to fight for her child and all those with CF for a cure.  She is able to use her passions for design, art, and raising awareness for CF through the Vivian Lee Foundation. It is the prayer of both Kirk and Christy that they will see a cure for cystic fibrosis in Vivian’s lifetime.  

Jourdan Moore, Marketing Director

Jourdan Moore has been been a part of The Vivian Lee Foundation since its conception in 2017. Her background includes business management, business operations, blogging and social media story-telling. Recently, Jourdan has taken a break from her career to raise her children at home. She needed an avenue for her creativity and skillset during her mommy downtime . "The Vivian Lee Foundation tugged at my heartstrings and has given me a creative outlet which contributes to my community." Jourdan is a lover of sunshine, spa days, art projects, dry humor and any outing involving happy hour. 

Jourdan has boy/girl twins just one year younger than Graeme and Vivian. The blossoming friendship between these two sets of twins is special to watch. "I've been faced with moments in my own journey when my 'children' almost became my 'child'. Moments like these are nightmares no parent should ever be confronted with," says Jourdan. "Yet, every CF parent faces the reality of this fear. They should not be alone; together we can make a difference! Witnessing my own miracle has motivated me to help make a difference for those still waiting for theirs."  Advances in scientific research, technology, and medical equipment made the survival of Jourdan's twins possible. If they had been born 20 years ago, they would not be with us today. "I believe that similar advancements are on the horizon for the CF community," says Jourdan, "It's a privilege to be a part of that in any small way." 

Laura Graham, Fundraising Coordinator

Laura is the most recent addition to our board. She comes to us with a personal connection to CF. Laura and her husband, Brian, are carriers of the CF gene. They found this out during routine genetic testing during Laura’s pregnancy with their son, Ladd. While Ladd was born without CF, Laura and Brian are committed to supporting the quest to find a cure for CF. Laura’s professional background includes marketing/public relations and nonprofit fundraising, with more than 10 years experience in the industry. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, gardening and spending time outdoors with her family in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

On the Vivian Lee Foundation Laura says, “I feel honored to be involved with Vivian Lee Foundation. I was searching for a CF charity that I could connect with and help in a tangible way. I am thrilled to be supporting local Oregon families dealing with CF and working to support finding a cure for this genetic disease.”